How it works

Completely simple and safe.


Vehicle reservation made easy!

Book your car with our convenient and simple electronic booking calendar for your desired dates and travel duration. The calendar even accounts for the time required for the charging of batteries of electric vehicles (EVs). The web interface, or your smartphone app, clearly displays the cars’ availability, including the battery charge level or fuel level. You can view calendar information on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Conveniently unlock the car with your smartcard or App!

The car locks and unlocks with a smartcard or via the smartphone app. The in-car technology verifies whether the driver is authorised to use the car. Encrypted data is transmitted to ibiola® and the driver is logged onto the system.
Handy benefit: no tedious key handover is necessary!



Electronic logbook makes your life easy!

ibiola® writes the log book automatically and in real time. The in-car technology (on-board box) captures data. Have you added the purpose of your travel at the start of your journey? Excellent! Then your log entry fulfils all necessary tax office requirements! Additionally, this saves you from keeping a cumbersome hand-written drivers’ logbook for business and private travels. You can access your logbook any time via the web interface or mobile app.


Reporting at the touch of a button!

The reporting system analyses the vehicle data. It provides key figures like vehicle occupancy, booking trends, and energy consumption. This allows you to increase your fleet efficiency, for instance, by reducing the amount of time a vehicle spends idle.




Billing in no time!

One of ibiola®’s core features is the automated billing option. The system records booking and travel data (i.e., start and end of booking, mileage), sends bills automatically, and invoices can be paid by direct debit on a monthly basis. You have the option to export data to spreadsheets or integrate with an ERP system.