Innovation and quality


Technical solutions

We highly value quality and collaboration. This guarantees that our solution and our service partners are available quickly, and locally—right where you are.


  • Booking system is available in mobile and desktop versions.
  • Multilingual and multitenant capability.
  • Display of battery and fuel state, respectively, and with free-floating systems display of parking position.
  • Automatic calculation of electric cars’ charge time.
  • Distinction between private and business trips.
  • Personal information (driver’s log, preliminary expenses, profile, and privacy).
  • Individual branding and customising (colours, logo, texts).
  • Ridesharing option.

Software Backend

  • Administration of customer data, bank data, vehicles, and fleets.
  • Editing of booking data and correction bookings.
  • Digital tax compliant driver’s logbook.
  • Extensive configuration capabilities (language, anonymity, ridesharing, and many more).
  • Complex billing engine that enables a broad range of rates and membership models.
  • Card management, administration, and handing out-of-access cards.
  • Links to third-party systems (personal administration, accounting, and statistics).
  • Comprehensive export options (charts, PDF, spreadsheets, word, CSV, etc.).
  • API for building your own apps
  • Fleet management app
  • Individual fleet mix—also two-wheels like eBikes and eScooters


  • On-board box from leading car sharing-technology providers.
  • Car opens with chip card or smart phone.
  • Complete data security (guaranteed security and privacy through encrypted and anonymous data transfer).
  • Installations are quick and made possible without having to interfere with the existing vehicle electronics.
  • Capture of vehicle data such as mileage, trip duration, and distance for invoicing.
  • CAN-Parameters can be freely defined—measuring and depicted in real-time (i.e. if light is turned on).
  • Support of third-party NFC cards (i.e. discount, access, or time registration cards, and others).
  • Antitheft protection.