You are a start-up, car rental, leasing, or dealership? Why not offer a car-sharing service yourself?


ibiola® is the professional car-sharing solution for you if:

  • You already own a car-sharing company, want to start one, or want to offer a company, a municipality, or a property developer a car-sharing service.
  • You are a leasing comany and your customers need a tailormade, corporate car-sharing solution.
  • You are a car rental company and want to rent out your cars 24/7.
  • You are a car dealer and your vehicles only stand around consuming valuable space.

ibiola® offers a comprehensive package with the highest possible flexibility and accessibility of cars to your customers.

  • With our on-board system and electronic booking calendar, your customers make reservations, book vehicles online 24/7, and receive invoices automatically.
  • With our keyless car-sharing technology, there is no need for annoying and time-consuming key handovers.



You only generate profit when your cars are moving.

Let us handle the moving bit for you: Optimised fleet management and cost savings!

  • A car rental service that is open 24/7 helps to reduce expensive service counters? Sound like a contradiction? With our keyless car-sharing solution, you can easily manage your fleet online and invoice trips automatically.
  • We offer a complete booking, invoicing, administration, and information system for handling your car-sharing projects - tailormade to your needs.
  • You always have a complete view of the rental process (car unlocking, start and end of rental operation, etc.).

Tax compliance? Keeping a driver's logbook? Made easy with our solution!

Our system captures all vehicle data automatically for the digital and tax-compliant driver’s logbook.

Our solution ensures that you meet your company’s as well as statutory requirements concerning data protection!




Make use of our knowledge!

Use our extensive expertise regarding leasing, insurance, tax, commercial questions, and questions regarding electric vehicles and funding. By working closely with companies and car rental firms, we have a detailed understanding of your fleet management processes and challenges.

We offer tailor-made solutions!



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