Innovate Mobility

with ibiola® mobility

Our Vision

Our customers are at the centre of connected mobility.

We are a mobility service provider. We want to provide all our customers with transportation that is simple, easy, and environmentally friendly. We promote connected mobility by combining modes of transportation that are the most suitable, convenient, and flexible for our customers’ needs—car sharing, bike sharing, local public transport, train, or rental cars.

We aim to provide you with the very highest levels of service and quality and our solutions are based on your specific needs. We provide a complete solution. Our major focus is a holistic approach



We offer tailor-made solutions!

The advantages of our solution:


Our system is fully scalable to satisfy the needs of fleets of all sizes and vehicle types.


    Modular Solution

ibiola® is modular in design, flexible, and adaptable to changing requirements.

  • Reservation and booking of vehicles
  • The car-sharing kit for locking and unlocking the vehicle is configured according to your needs.
  • Monitors vehicle data such as mileage, trip duration, and distance – our solution ensures that you meet your company’s as well as statutory requirements concerning data protection!
  • Billing based on multiple rate options.
  • Reporting: real-time reporting enables you to improve your vehicle occupancy rate and analysing the driving behaviour will reduce fuel and wear and tear.


   Data security

The driver’s anonymity is 100% guaranteed and secure due to encrypted and anonymous data transmissions.


   Open interfaces (API)

We work with open interfaces. Consequently, integration with existing business systems, such as ERP or various company calendars, is easily accomplished.


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