AMV Networks GmbH

amv Networks is our hardware partner. They develop important basis technology for the connected mobility of the future and their car-sharing hardware solution is part of the ibiola® solution.

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INVERS is market leader for InCar technology and car-sharing software. The proven technology allows for the efficient and commercial management of car sharing and company pool car fleets. INVERS’s technology is currently running in 50.000 vehicles in more than 20 countries.

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Software and IT Operations


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsofts Cloud-Computing-Plattform. ibiola-mobility runs its servers on virtual machines from Microsoft. Data are stored on own database servers. The big advantage for ibiola is that the performance of the servers can be flexibly increased and further application servers could be setup within minutes.

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Porsche Inter Auto

Porsche Interauto is represented in CEE countries and Italy with 56 own retail outlets of Porsche Interauto. The branches in Vienna-Liesing and Graz-Liebenau are certified installation partners to integrate the car-sharing vehicle electronics components of AMV Networks and INVERS.

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Renault and Nissan Retail Companies

Renault Sonnleitner is Austria's largest Renault, Nissan and Dacia car dealer. Mitterbauer-Smola GmbH & Co KG is a Renault and Dacia car dealer from Krems in Lower Austria. They are certified installer to integrate the car-sharing vehicle electronics components of AMV Networks and INVERS.

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Wirecard CEE

Wirecard is our partner for cashless payment processing and is a market leader in electronic payment transactions across Central and Eastern Europe. Your car-sharing payment is highly secure and fully automated.

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