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Did you know that…?

  • Company cars are left standing idly at the company car park 85% of the time.
  • Many businesses are unaware of their vehicles’ TCO (total costs of ownership).

  • 50% of the drivers worldwide want a telemetric device (black box) that captures vehicle data.
  • 13% of the drivers worldwide are interested in corporate car sharing.*

(*LeasePlan Mobility Monitor’s 2015 survey)


Save costs through corporate car sharing? We are the ones to talk to!

  • With corporate car-sharing, you are able to cut your fleet costs by up to 30%.
    • Monitoring real-time information results in a higher vehicle occupancy rate, and consequently a fleet reduction by sharing the use of available vehicles.
    • Analysing driving behaviour leads to reduced fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.
    • Implementing car sharing vehicles for business trips helps reducing taxi expenses and short-term rentals.
  • Jam-packed company car parks are history!
  • With electric mobility, you realise cost savings and tax benefits* 

*depending on national tax regulations




How to improve work processes and employee motivation.

  • You make a reservation, book, and invoice your trips in a fully automated process with our online software.
    With our keyless car-sharing technology there is no need for annoying and time-consuming key handovers.
  • Our system will automatically notify you of upcoming maintenance appointments.
  • Company cars for everyone! Improve your employees’ job satisfaction by letting those who do not own a car use a car-sharing vehicle.

Our solution simplifies tax compliance and maintains a driver's logbook

Our system captures all vehicle data automatically for the digital and tax-compliant driver’s logbook.

We can include a tax office confirmation if required.

Our solution ensures that you meet your company’s as well as statutory requirements concerning data protection!




Quickly polishing your image…

…or seriously improving your company’s reputation in the long run?

  • Corporate car sharing contributes long-term to a credible, future-oriented, and innovative company reputation!
  • You support and protect the environment and climate by helping to reduce CO2 emissions and particulate matter.
  • With car sharing, you will need less parking spaces which can make room for more green space and a modern work environment—your employees will enjoy fresh air and sunshine.



Make use of our knowledge!

Use our extensive expertise regarding leasing, insurance, tax, commercial questions, and questions regarding electric vehicles and funding. By working closely with companies and car rental firms, we have a detailed understanding of your fleet management processes and challenges.


We offer you tailor-made solutions!



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