Car-sharing for residential estates: Little effort, but great benefit for your residents.


Did you know that…?

Car sharing helps to significantly cut building costs through reducing parking lots.

The following calculation for Brunostraße/City of Würzburg* illustrates the cost-saving potential: A housing complex consists of 104 flats, 65 underground parking lots, and 18 above-ground parking spaces. The estimated cost per underground parking lot is € 25,000. Only by introducing three car-sharing vehicles, you are able to cut 21 spaces. This roughly amounts to € 525,000.

* Editor: bcs, Bundesverband Car sharing, 21st January 2015 in Kassel.

  • You will be seen as an innovative property owner by giving genuine added value to your residents.
  • With electric mobility, you realise cost savings and tax benefits

You want to save yourself a lot of time and frustration?

Your tenants or joint-owners will be able to use a mobility service, which offers them all advantages of occasional car ownership – without the costs and tedious responsibilities of actual ownership. You make a reservation, book, and invoice your trips in a fully automated process with our online software. With our keyless car-sharing technology there is no need for annoying and time-consuming key handovers. Our system will automatically notify you of upcoming maintenance appointments. Our system captures all vehicle data automatically for the digital and tax-compliant driver’s logbook.



Interested in climate protection? This is an issue also close to our heart!

With car sharing you actively support climate and environmental protection.

Car-sharing users in a residential estate know each other, which builds a sense of unity. In addition, their sense of security is higher as people know the owner and are familiar with the vehicle. Consequently, users take better care of the car.


Make use of our knowledge!

Use our extensive expertise regarding leasing, insurance, tax, commercial questions, and questions regarding electric vehicles and funding. By working closely with companies and car rental firms, we have a detailed understanding of your fleet management processes and challenges.

We offer tailor-made solutions!


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