Get new expirience of mobility with IBIOLA 

According to recent studies*, urban population will increase more than 60% by 2030. This trend is a big challenge, especially for mobility. Digital and intelligent mobility solutions will become more important to manage the growing traffic volume.

IBIOLA Mobility Solutions offers digital and transparent solutions for all mobility issues. We are the pioneer in the Austrian market and the right contact for fleet management and car sharing solutions. We also offer individual mobility consulting with custom-made technical services to our customers. The seamless interaction of hardware and software guarantees the smooth running of all our processes. We are a complete system provider of mobility solutions with individual and flexible solutions for our customers.

*Source: Federal Statistical Office of Germany




Our solutions offer an optimal interaction between dynamic and automated solutions for all users.


All necessary measures are taken to ensure the safe use of our software solutions (updates, backups, etc.).

Confirming to the law

Requirements of tax and data protection are implemented as standard in all our solutions.

Fully automated

We offer a complete and automated booking, billing, administration and information system to reduce the organizational effort.


We ensure the optimal utilization of the vehicles and the improvement of the handling process, this saves time and money AND reduces environmental effects.


The dynamic system architecture makes it possible to implement custom-made mobility solutions for all customer requirements.